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The Facts of Tiger Farming from ITC

The Facts of Tiger Farming

Tiger farming is a threat to safety of wild tigers.  Otherwise, tiger farming will make the king of the jungle − and the jungle − disappear forever.

Bans on tiger trade have nearly stopped the killing of wild tigers for their skins and bones.  Improving enforcement and public awareness of these bans can end tiger trade once and for all, allowing tigers to thrive in the wild.

When we save wild tigers, we save the rich forests in which they live, with all of their climate-cooling trees, fresh water, herbal medicines and all the other irreplaceable resources needed for a healthy human society and a healthy planet.

We will save wild tigers, if we stop trade in tiger parts and products from all sources, including tiger farms.

FACT: Tiger trade bans work.   
•    China’s 16-year tiger trade ban has been an overwhelming success in reducing trade and demand.
•    Bans on tiger trade have helped Russia’s tiger population recover and other wild tiger populations to persist.
•    Trade bans will only work if they are enforced and backed up with demand reduction campaigns.

FACT:  Tiger conservation works.
•    Traditional tiger conservation methods work when they have adequate political and financial support.
•    Protection of tigers and their habitat and prey do stabilize wild tiger populations.
•    Protecting wild tigers protects large tracts of the world’s most valuable natural resources.

FACT:  Legalizing tiger farming will increase killing of wild tigers.
•    Legalizing trade in farmed tiger products will expand opportunities to sell parts and products from wild tigers.
•    Illegal tiger trade is run by organized criminal networks, which will exploit loopholes opened by legalizing trade.
•    Organized criminal networks will not give up illegal tiger trade just because farmed tiger products are available. Poaching tiger brings big gains to criminals with little risk.

FACT:  Tiger products are not needed for human health.
•    Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) gave up the use to tiger products 16 years ago.
•    Leaders of the TCM community say they no longer need or want tiger bone, and China’s TCM agency has changed the official TCM pharmacopeia to remove tiger bone as a legitimate treatment.
•    Alternatives to tiger bone are effective, plentiful, sustainable and embraced by TCM practitioners.

FACT:  Legalizing tiger farming will stimulate demand for wild tiger parts & products.
•    Tiger farming will reignite demand for tiger products among China’s 1.3 billion consumers.
•    Since wild tiger bone is believed to be more effective, demand for the bones of wild tigers will go up, too.
•    Rekindling China’s appetite for tiger products could quickly wipe out wild tiger populations.

FACT:  Wild tigers can come back in the wild.
•    Wild tigers breed like cats.
•    Wild tigers can come back quickly when they have enough habitat, prey and protection from poachers.
•    Wild tigers do not need outside help when they have plenty of food and shelter.

FACT:  People benefit when tigers come back in the wild.
•    Local people benefit economically when tiger are present and tourists can see wild tigers
•    Protecting tigers and their habitats protect air, water and other forest resources that sustain the lives and livelihoods of millions of people.

FACT:  Stopping tiger trade is a global issue.
•    An international treaty signed by 174 countries prohibits international trade in tiger parts and products and discourages tiger farming.
•    Countries with the largest wild tiger populations stand to lose the most if tiger farming is legalized. 
•    Any country that allows tiger farming and trade will bear responsibility for the loss of wild tigers.


Facts by International Tiger Coalition 

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