Sunday, June 25, 2006

Little Things That Make Us Smile!

Today, we had an "army" of dedicated volunteers, who came in on a very busy, very hot day to assist in any way they could.  We had volunteers escorting guests on tours, helping to park cars, getting guests signed in, manning the gift shop, and lets not forget cleaning enclosures.  We also had a large group of volunteers that worked in the scorching heat using our wood chipper to shred branches and clear an area by the lake. Our volunteers had to drink bottles and bottles of water just to stay hydrated and not get overheated.  Well, we ran out of water!  Our Operations Manager Scott Lope was about to send a volunteer out for water. Just then a Hillsborough County Sheriffs car appeared.  Uh-Oh, what did he want?  Nothing!  He just wanted to give us a case of cold water!  He said he knew how hot it was and didn't want our volunteers to get overheated. What a wonderful, considerate gesture that was. 
It's the little things, that make us smile .

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