Sunday, April 30, 2006

Garage Sale Turns Trash To Cash

Long time volunteer Kym Marszal has graciously turned her garage into a weekly "Big Cat Rescue Fundraiser".  She collects "trash and treasures" from volunteers and supporters and spends her weekends with bargain seeking customers.  Not only is she helping to raise funds for our Cats, but she is spreading the word about our Sanctuary and our mission.
To date she has raised over $250.00.  We would like to use this money for something that we can all see and appreciate.  Who needs a new "boomer ball"?  If anyone has ideas or suggestions, please send an email to me.  Remember, this is an ongoing event, so as long as we donate our "treasures" to Kym we can all take part in deciding what treats our Kitty's will get.
**A big thank you to Kym for donating her time and energy to this worthwhile project.

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