Saturday, January 07, 2006

Tiger S.A.R.M.O.T.I. Wows Tour!

When Volunteer Keeper Pat O'Shea brought her tour group to Sarmoti (Bengal Tiger) his back was turned to the crowd. She told her group that Sarmoti wanted the group to see the "flashes" on the backs of his ears.  After she explained what "flashes" were, she said "Okay Sarmoti, you can turn around now".  AND HE DID!  The tour group applauded which is just what he was looking for, said Pat.
*Flashes or Eye Spots - white spots on the back of ears.  At night they might act as a "follow me" signal for cubs. Also, used as a diversion to fool other predators into thinking the cat is looking in their direction.  Most predators prefer sneaking up from behind rather than attacking  the front of the cat. 


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